A foggy morning over the English countryside hills.

Earlsgate grew from a desire to develop country houses and estates that meet the following objectives:


A new legacy; build country houses and estates that create a legacy for years to come.


Best-in-class teams; bring together and collaborate with, a best-in-class team of project professionals for each project.


Prime rural addresses; design homes at the greatest rural addresses in England.

Earlsgate designs and builds projects in England in every scale, from individual private houses to larger development projects.

The team has an unwavering passion and desire to build perfect homes which are suited to the way we live. Their approach to each property brings together three core values at the heart of the business.


Earlsgate properties use materials and finishes of incomparable quality to ensure that they last a lifetime and beyond. The homes are built by exceptional craftsman whose attention to detail is second to none.


An Earlsgate property is an experience and lifestyle for its owners. The properties epitomise traditional countryside living through their location, aspect, architecture, landscape design and interior design.


With over 30 years’ experience as property developers, the team at Earlsgate has vast experience in delivering properties of the highest calibre. As a family-owned business, Earlsgate’s focus is on long-term thinking and legacy building.

A stag with antlers standing in wooded forest.


The dynamic Earlsgate team, led by Andrew Dunn, has developed a reputation for designing beautiful homes around the world. They bring together their expertise and passion to break boundaries in innovation and outstanding design.


We are always looking for great people to join Earlsgate. If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and portfolio (if applicable) to info@earlsgate.com.